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Aruba - One Happy Island!

Aruba, the "A" in the Caribbean "A-B-C" islands and one of the world's best vacation spots --- for more reasons than you might think. Read below.

Aruba is the only place that has it all! It seems like just when you think you've found a great vacation spot it ultimately ends up having some negatives the travel agent forgot to tell you about. Some places have great beaches but high crime rates while other places have low crime but nasty hurricanes. And still others have nice weather but are desolate and have no modern conveniences, shopping or entertainment. Well, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Aruba is the only place that has it all! Of all the places we've been to, it's the only one that we ever considered buying a home. And that's exactly what we did! Here's why:

>   Aruba has perfect weather -- always sunny and 82-85 degrees all year around.
>  Constant trade winds keep you comfortable all day long, every day of the year.
>  Very little rain. The occasional brief sun showers in Aruba are actually quite enjoyable.
>  Safely out of the hurricane belt. There's no such thing as a "bad" season in Aruba.
>  Very low crime and poverty rate. Safely drive or walk anywhere on the island, day or night.
>  Arubans are extremely friendly and most speak English (very Americanized island).
>  Aruba's main industry is tourism so they know how to take care of vacationers.
>  Most every Aruban business or shop accepts US dollars and credit cards.
>  Very stable and well-run government (self-governed Dutch possession).
>  Technologically up-to-date -- modern phone systems, cable TV and even hi-speed Internet.
>  Great shopping. All the up-scale designer shops can be found in Oranjestad.
>  Great beaches, swimming and water-sports. Crystal clear water and white sand beaches.
>  Great restaurants and food. You can't find a bad meal on the island.
>   Great drinking water! Yes, that's right. You won't have to buy expensive bottled water in Aruba.
      Just drink from the tap. Aruba's water is 100% pure because it's produced on the island
      by the world's second largest desalinization plant.
>  Local grocery stores are excellent and carry most American food items. They are so
      modern you'll think you're grocery shopping back in the USA.
>  Casinos are conveniently located in the main city and most hotels (if you're so inclined).
>  Two PGA-class golf courses, one of which is just down the road from our villa.
>  Slow-paced life style. Be prepared to leave behind that "dog-eat-dog", fast-paced world.
>  Very uncrowded. Driving is easy and there's never a traffic jam in Aruba.
>   Much of the island's natural beauty has been preserved and protected. A rare treat.
>  Once you get there, Aruba feels like a home away from home.
>   Great Airport! I never thought I would say that about an airport but Aruba's modern airport is so
      well designed, you'll zip through it in no time at all, whether you're arriving or departing. U.S.
      Customs is right there so you clear Customs before you leave Aruba.
>  Only 4 hours flying time from many areas of the US with non-stop service from most
        major cities. When we travel to Aruba, we leave Newark (NJ) airport at 9:00AM and
        we're on the beach by 2:00PM!

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